CAFFZ   Smart  Watch   智能手环




















Product instructions:

1. Touch screen anti-lost device

    When going out to play, the watch and the mobile phone will exceed the distance of 10 meters, the watch will immediately give an alarm.

2. Two-way anti-lost one-click search for "machine"

    When looking for a mobile phone, after clicking “Find Phone Button” on the watch, the phone will send an alarm reminder.

3. Full "core" upgrade, super power chip

    Using low-power Bluetooth chip, the battery life is more durable, the signal is more stable,the standby time is up to 3 days, and the power-saving mode can be turned on, and the power is not worried!

4. Safety big battery

 With polymer lithium battery, it has good safety performance and long life!

5. Pro-muscle wristband

 It is made of matte silicone strap, pro-muscle material, has a "skin"-like touch, soft and high temperature resistance, children wear safe and non-toxic, healthy and environmentallyfriendly.

6. Remote / remote control camera

Use your watch to control your phone to take pictures within 10 meters, and travel to make it easy to record happy moments.

7. Bluetooth voice / language

Support voice call, send and receive functions on mobile phone chat software.

8. Call function

When the mobile phone calls, the watch can be called with a single click, and the information received by the mobile phone can be synchronously pushed on the watch for timely viewing,efficient communication, and not missing every message.